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Blackjack Player Options

The players take turns deciding how to play their hands. Players have the following options which decide whether to win or lose.

Hit: Draw Tab

By drawing more cards you want to get as close as possible to the best score of 21 points. If you are not satisfied with the sum of the two cards dealt, you can take another card. Then you add up the card values ​​again and can take more cards until you get exactly 21 or you have “overbought” yourself with more than 21 points. It is called “Bust”. Anyone who buys in excess loses their bet, no matter what the dealer has. So sometimes it’s better to settle for less than risk a bust.

In face-down games, the player signals a hit by scratching the table with his cards. Oral statements alone are often not accepted, because in case of doubt a video surveillance decides and relies on clear gestures.

Hand signal: Touch the table with your flat hand next to the cards

Stand: Standing Still Without Drawing A Board.

If you stop, you will no longer draw cards in the hope that the current amount will beat the dealer. In a one-deck or two-club game, the cards are dealt face down under the bet.

Hand signal: with flat hand on “Stop” signal or rub back and forth in the air over the “Wipe” table


You can double your original bet and then only get one more card regardless of the card’s value.

Some casinos limit doubling to hands where the first two cards are 10 or 11. Other casinos allow you to double any two cards.

In the event of a doubling up, another bet at the level of the original bet is pushed into its scope. In a face down game, the first two cards must also be revealed at this point.


If the first two cards have the same value, you can place a second bet and split the pair. Then each card will be the first card in a separate hand.For example, if two 8s are awarded, you can signal that you want to split with a second bet equal to the first.

The dealer separates the 8s and then places a second card on the first 8. You play this hand in the normal way until you stop or overbuy yourself. Then the dealer places a second card on the second 8 and that hand is played.

Hand signal: point your index and middle fingers on the pair of cards (peace sign upside down)


Insurance can be taken out for half of the original assignment. If the dealer has Blackjack, the payout is 2: 1. Since you lose a dealer’s blackjack hand at the same time, you don’t lose your hand to the insurance company in this case.

Many retailers advise players to take out insurance if the player has blackjack. In this case, you get “Even Money” and just a simple win, instead of the usual 3: 2 payout for blackjack.

How To Become A Professional Poker Player

A professional player is one who makes a living by playing poker . Impossible? No. Difficult? Certainly. In the collective imagination, the poker player is like Paul Newman in “The Sting”, but the reality is a bit different. It is a path that can last for years, between study, practice, construction of strategies.

Some of the qualities needed are innate, such as a cool head and great attention to detail, others can be learned, such as some knowledge of card-based odds calculus. Then we must consider that luck always plays an important role in any game of chance, so the last word is always that of the Blindfolded Goddess.

How To Get Started

Anyone who is passionate about poker will surely know all the online casino game rules , but if you want to become a professional you need to have an edge. There are many manuals that have been written by highly experienced players, where it is possible to steal precious secrets to be put in place during the game hands.

Furthermore, we must not give up on first failures. If you are a beginner, it is better not to invest sums of money, but to look for online casinos to practice without investing real money. Later on, the player will be able to challenge themselves at a live casino table and face other players under the guidance of a dealer.

Commitment And Discipline

Becoming a professional player is the dream of many gaming enthusiasts, but there are still some negative aspects to be considered. First, you will have to spend endless hours in front of the PC and face long games, which could put a strain on the strongest nerves.

Also, there can be totally bad days, where losses are inevitable. Even in the event of a win, these are always events that do not have a periodic or in any case calculable frequency. In short, the player will not be able to count on a fixed income, but will instead have to set aside something for the “lean” periods.

A Passion That Becomes A Job

The advantage of carrying out a job that is passionate is that, even if it requires a considerable commitment, it is always faced with enthusiasm. It is a job where there are no supervisors or “bosses” to account for, no hours or Monday morning meetings. But, as usual, there is also the other side of the coin.

Working when and as long as you want can be more of a commitment in terms of hours than in traditional employment. In addition, without real guarantees of earnings. This can affect family commitments or other aspects of the player’s life. But with the right professionalism and the necessary realism, nothing is impossible.

Those “Dirty” Tricks To Win At Roulette

We need to make a small premise: when playing, you should never try to cheat, trick cards or put in place other types of subterfuges to have favorable results. The so-called “cheaters” have a certain charm in cinematic interpretations, but the reality is quite different.

The online gambling operators , with their seriousness and transparency, have made the game a safe “place”, where the chances of being cheated are reduced to zero. However, for pure divertissement , nothing prevents us from talking about some famous tricks to try to win at Roulette, the undisputed queen of the casino rooms all over the world.

The Real Manolesta Is Only Offline

There is no doubt that those with particular skills of dexterity and speed, such as prestige players, could have some chance when it comes to making the so-called “late bets”, or when the Roulette ball has already taken its place in its sector.

This is why that elegant croupier’s tool, called a “dolly”, was invented, which is promptly positioned on the issued number and which prevents this type of fraudulent behavior. All that remains is to resign oneself to a few detours on the outermost areas of the green carpet or, why not, groped to steal some chips from the most distracted players.

Computers, Ballistics And Order Service

Human ingenuity knows how to apply, especially when it comes to easy money. With a lot of good will, there are those who have tried their hand at building roulette computers which, through calculation algorithms derived from the speed of the ball, the size of the disc and other parameters, should have helped.

Aside from the clumsiness and imprecision of many of these devices, the only security that anyone attempting to use them could face was a loud tug of the ears from the live casino staff , who hurried to escort out the door. the aspiring “technological cheater”, after having meticulously recorded his personal data for the complaint.

The Scam Does Not Pay

Leaving the field of Roulette for a moment, it is appropriate to say that the famous “ace in the hole”, a legacy of times of smoky clandestine gambling dens, no longer has any reason to exist. The online casinos have ironclad rules, they are also constantly monitored by independent bodies and offer extremely safe gaming experience.

Live casinos, for example, are perceived by users as very safe, as the dealer’s operations are clearly visible in all the different phases of the game. This constitutes an important element in establishing the necessary relationship of trust that exists between bettors and casinos. “There is no trick, there is no deception” … and fun is guaranteed.