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How To Become A Professional Poker Player

A professional player is one who makes a living by playing poker . Impossible? No. Difficult? Certainly. In the collective imagination, the poker player is like Paul Newman in “The Sting”, but the reality is a bit different. It is a path that can last for years, between study, practice, construction of strategies.

Some of the qualities needed are innate, such as a cool head and great attention to detail, others can be learned, such as some knowledge of card-based odds calculus. Then we must consider that luck always plays an important role in any game of chance, so the last word is always that of the Blindfolded Goddess.

How To Get Started

Anyone who is passionate about poker will surely know all the online casino game rules , but if you want to become a professional you need to have an edge. There are many manuals that have been written by highly experienced players, where it is possible to steal precious secrets to be put in place during the game hands.

Furthermore, we must not give up on first failures. If you are a beginner, it is better not to invest sums of money, but to look for online casinos to practice without investing real money. Later on, the player will be able to challenge themselves at a live casino table and face other players under the guidance of a dealer.

Commitment And Discipline

Becoming a professional player is the dream of many gaming enthusiasts, but there are still some negative aspects to be considered. First, you will have to spend endless hours in front of the PC and face long games, which could put a strain on the strongest nerves.

Also, there can be totally bad days, where losses are inevitable. Even in the event of a win, these are always events that do not have a periodic or in any case calculable frequency. In short, the player will not be able to count on a fixed income, but will instead have to set aside something for the “lean” periods.

A Passion That Becomes A Job

The advantage of carrying out a job that is passionate is that, even if it requires a considerable commitment, it is always faced with enthusiasm. It is a job where there are no supervisors or “bosses” to account for, no hours or Monday morning meetings. But, as usual, there is also the other side of the coin.

Working when and as long as you want can be more of a commitment in terms of hours than in traditional employment. In addition, without real guarantees of earnings. This can affect family commitments or other aspects of the player’s life. But with the right professionalism and the necessary realism, nothing is impossible.

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